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The Dice Abide LIVE #8: When and Where (Infinity Positioning Tactics)

This week, Adam and Jon are joined by the one, the only, Michael (Barakiel) for a (hopefully not too rambling) discussion of positioning and its development in games. They focus primarily on the game of Infinity but tie in Go, Chess, and Blood Bowl just to keep things spicy!

Battle Reports Referenced in Video:

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A special thank you to our sponsor Brutal Cities, fine purveyors of MDF terrain!

Time Codes
00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:37 – News: Brutal Cities
00:05:09 – News: Bromad Academy
00:05:47 – News: Defiance
00:05:58 – News: White Company
00:09:04 – Hobby: Adam
00:10:46 – Hobby: Jon
00:12:22 – Hobby: Badger
00:12:49 – Hobby: Care Package
00:13:20 – Hobby: Care Package 2
00:14:43 – Feature: Positioning
00:16:02 – Feature: Go Example 1
00:16:59 – Feature: Positioning – Go Example 2
00:17:42 – Feature: Go Example 1 (again)
00:19:06 – Feature: Positioning in Time
00:21:42 – Feature: Blood Bowl Example
00:22:20 – Feature: Geometry
00:24:19 – Feature: Deployment
00:26:00 – Feature: Infinity as Chess
01:22:58 – Feature: Battle Report Example
01:44:14 – Feature: Battle Report Turn 3
01:46:39 – Outro

Music Credit: Nihilore at

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