Late Night Wargames

Late Night Wargames – Episode 42: Multi-Faction Deep Thoughts

Tonight we’re joined by Tim the Chainsaw from Tabletop Throw Down! We’re going to be talking about the mental gymnastics and deep thinking it takes to juggle multiple factions while playing Infinity at a competitive level. If you struggle from faction fatigue, or just a bit of hobby ADD, this is a great chance to get some tips to keep you sharp.


00:00:00 – Intro
00:02:37 – News – Bromad Academy
00:07:36 – News – Infinity Pre-orders
00:08:50 – News – Slannesh
00:17:56 – Hobby
00:32:48 – Games
00:37:07 – Drawing – Mythic Games
00:39:18 – Feature – Multi-Faction Deep Thoughts
02:11:56 – Outro

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