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The Dice Abide LIVE 2: Remote Presence (Playing Infinity during COVID)

This week, Adam and Jon judge the recent Bromad Academy paint contest, go over their recent hobby and gaming conquests, all while they chat with friends live on stream. The main topic of discussion though is how they are getting games in during this COVID pandemic. Jon has an amazing, if over-engineered solution, while Adam offers a few more pragmatic options to explore.

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Time Codes
00:00:00 – Introduction
00:02:24 – Hobby
00:12:16 – Gaming
00:23:16 – Bromad Academy: Furious Paint
00:27:15 – 4th Place: Erik (Zelaponeepus)
00:30:17 – 3rd Place: Erik (Teelskire)
00:33:08 – 2nd Place: Corey
00:36:04 – 1st Place: Isaac
00:42:09 – Feature: Remote Presence
00:43:44 – Picture of Setup
00:45:14 – Diagram
00:47:57 – Opponent View
01:11:46 – Outro

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