Late Night Wargames

Late Night Wargames – Episode 39: Lumbering Sprocket (Heavy Gear Blitz First Impressions)

This week things get heavy when we play Heavy Gear. Our guest, Frank Washburn helps us wrap our head around this 10mm scale combined arms game heavily featuring big stompy mecha, what’s not to love?!

00:00:00 – Intro
00:02:38 – News – MOE Games
00:04:06 – News – Bromad Academy
00:05:16 – News – SCP Foundation
00:07:19 – News – Infinity FAQ
00:15:58 – Hobby – Adam
00:17:58 – Hobby – Jon
00:21:12 – Hobby – Frank
00:32:33 – Gaming – Infinity
00:54:34 – Gaming – Heavy Gear
01:04:28 – Feature – Heavy Gear Backstory
01:32:28 – Feature – Heavy Gear Gameplay
02:30:41 – Questions
02:34:44 – Outro

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